Christmas themed games

   Integrate into your fair, market or seasonal retail area

Fair Play Games UK specialise in the Christmas market area and provide a range of games concepts designed to integrate with any other Christmas activity in the event.

All our games have been proven to retain public interest and add a joyful and fun element which all provided customer retention and footfall.

Due to the high quality graphics and imagery we use on our units, we feel confident that integration with any other Christmas theme will work seamlessly and add to your already existing Christmas theme.
Image of a xmas market

   Rescue Rudolph

Recue Rudolf poster
Our Rescue Rudolph is an original theme designed by Fair Play Games UK, Based on the traditional "hook a duck" game, this theme allows it to be used for the Christmas season.

As with all most of our games ethos, we give a quality prize for all players.

These type of games do rely on the minimum of skill and are designed to be highly entertaining for all players.

Rudolf xmas game
poor Rudolf
image showing people hooking Rudolf
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   Snow Man Showdown

poster of snowman
Our Snow Man Showdown themed game is based around a traditional coconut shy type game. Skill is required to knock down character themed tin cans using the supplied game balls.

Simple rules apply with no ambiguity and very fair and simple.

This game appeals to the majority of people young and old alike!
image of Tatty Teddy Store
Knocking down a snowman

  Christmas Themed Crane Game

image of grabber game
Santa's Claws
Our traditional Crane Games or Grabbers are very popular and offer a fair-play status with very high wins.
We stock our Crane Games with high quality merchandise.

Very responsive equipment with well maintained mechanism.

photo of Santa Game
Photo of Grabber at night

 Customisable integration for any theme or event scenario

Designed by professionals

Sometimes it can be difficult for event organisers or management companies to visualise how Fair Play Games UK units fit in to the scheme. We are able to offer visualisations and proposal illustrations for all our themed games and can show how they integrate within an existing or planned scheme for an event etc.
Fair Play Games UK offer a unique approach to our business and services. Whether you are an event organiser or event management company we will work with you on a very professional and competent level in order for all objectives to be met in planning and executing your event.

Our Philosophy

Here at Fair Play Games UK we know that people like a "feel good factor" and the fun side of our business establishes these elements in our business model.

With recent trends towards retail sectors incorporating traditional elements within shopping malls and avenues we have a proven track record to show that our business helps your business!

Illustrations showing artwork me to you